Arvind Mafatlal Group plans to scale up its edtech venture GetSetLearn

The Group is looking to build the world’s largest hybrid curated marketplace for learning services, says Priyavrata Mafatlal, Vice Chairman, Arvind Mafatlal Group


Arvind Mafatlal Group (AMG), a 118-year-old business conglomerate, said that it plans to scale up its edtech venture GetSetLearn (GSL). The aim is to foster the growth of the edtech ecosystem in India and to provide some of the best quality content from across the globe.

“At Arvind Mafatlal Group, we have always pushed ourselves to be relevant to the consumers. We ventured into the ed-tech sector with GetSetLearn as an aggregator and curator of various in-person and online learning courses,” said Priyavrata Mafatlal, Vice Chairman, Arvind Mafatlal Group.  “With edtech being a sizable industry growing at a rapid pace in India and globally, the Group is looking to build the world’s largest hybrid curated marketplace for learning services.”
Mafatlal said this includes STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) education, English learning courses, 21st-century skills and non-curricular activities.
“With the Union Budget focusing on digital initiatives in the edtech sector and taking a step towards the ‘digital revolution’, GetSetLearn will be a medium to provide digital education for all,” said Mafatlal.

With its origins in the textile industry, AMG has expanded into diverse industries. These include textiles, rubber chemicals, information technology, e-commerce, and healthcare.

GSL is looking to significantly scale up through collaborations and partnerships globally. The platform would help partners from all over the world to penetrate the Indian market and provides Indian edtech companies access to foreign markets and customers.  It recently partnered with Jadooz Media, an entertainment startup – for delivering various educational initiatives through its mini theatres. For instance, these are set up in the Northern belt including Shopian and Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir.  The Company also has an exclusive partnership with TinkRworks, a US-based STEM education company, to bring STEM curriculum to India and South East Asia.

For the next financial year, GSL plans to double down on collaborations.  The Company also has significant hiring plans for the next year in the areas of sales, operations and technology. However, it didn’t share the number of people it plans to hire.

GetSetLearn is a curator and aggregator of learning content. It is offering more than 2,000 courses on its platform, both in the online and hybrid models. By curating high-quality educational content from across the globe through its marketplace, Mafatlal said the aim is to address the gap between India and Bharat.  The Group said that GSL wants to democratise education and aims to break that barrier by bringing its platform to smaller towns and cities in India. It said that education should not actually be determined by one’s financial background or geographical limitations.

The Mafatlal family has already invested more than $2 million in GSL. “We would like to raise external funding by the end of the financial year to bring in the right set of expertise, support and network from the broad investor community,” said Mafatlal.

India’s education and skills market will grow double this decade, from $180 billion in 2020 to $313 billion in 2030, while creating five million incremental jobs and impacting 429 million learners, according to analysts. They said the pandemic has precipitated an unprecedented demand for the services of edtech companies, according to analysts.
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